RC. Security RC. Security RC. Security
The safe protection of the displayed products. The system reacts to Sabotage with on site sound and light signals. With the help of the cameras placed above the products Vision Box informs the local dispatcher, enabling him/her to take immediate action. In their original position the cameras overlook the patrolling route, but in case of security events they turn automatically towards the place of the event and record the actions.

The favorable presentation of displayed products. When the customer takes the product in hand the active digital screen placed in eyes height displays technical data and other programmed information of the product. Vision Box supports sales promotion and influences decision making, because the detailed product information helps the customer to find the most suitable product.

Charging: Vision Box continuously and safely charges the displayed electric devices, thus the customers can try them anytime.

Vision Box supports the work of shop assistants in the sales area and in some cases it may decrease the need for man-power. The operating surface of the product is accessible from local network and from the Internet. The system enables the modification of prices, price orders, advertisements, and the preparation of statistics. After the input of data the system works automatically.

For the compensation of the costs, Vision Box can generate incomes for its user by utilizing from the advertizing potential of the system. In case of an interactive system it is possible to run advertisements on the screens until the products are on the display stand.